Shipping services to Caribbean destinations from London 

Do you need to ship packages to Caribbean destinations? You can depend on Zan Shipping Services, for reliable shipping services to the Caribbean. We are based in London and offer our services worldwide. Contact us for more information. 

Affordable and reliable

If you're looking for an affordable, reliable shipping service to a variety of Caribbean destinations, try Zan Shipping Services today. Our extensive range of shipping services can all be personalised exactly to your needs. 

Zan Shipping Services can ship a range of products such as cars, buses, vans, machinery, personal effects, caravans, commercial goods and even boats. Airfreight your cargo to the Caribbean, West Indies, USA, Africa, Asia, South America and worldwide with us.

International Shipping

Price List

  • Shipping barrel to Kingston Jamaica from £50.00
  • Shipping barrel to Montego Bay Jamaica from £80.00
  • Shipping barrel to Antigua from £70.00
  • Shipping barrel to Barbados from £70.00
  • Shipping barrel to Dominica from £70.00
  • Shipping barrel to Grenada from £70.00
  • Shipping barrel to Guyana from £70.00
  • Shipping barrel to Montserrat from £70.00
  • Shipping barrel to St. Lucia from £70.00
  • Shipping barrel to St. Kitts from £70.00
  • Shipping barrel to St. Vincent from £70.00
  • Shipping barrel to Trinidad from £70.00
We also provide parcel shipping

sea freight

We're passionate about our work at Zan Shipping Services

At Zan Shipping Services, our top priority is your satisfaction. We're passionate about what we do, and our commitment to excellence has earned us the loyalty of customers around the globe. Count on us for your parcel shipping needs, within Europe or internationally. We also offer worldwide import and export services, as well as sea freight and cargo shipping from our base in London. To see which option will best serve you, get in touch with us now.
For cost-effective shipping to Caribbean destinations, call:
020 3086 7592 or 033 3012 4278
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